Yoga On The Pier With Emma Strong

Roll out your yoga mat on our beautiful deck and feel the breeze as you stretch away any stress to the sounds of Clevedon waves.

These yoga sessions will take on Monday lunchtime at 12pm and Saturday mornings from 9:30am.

Emma’s style of yoga is rooted in vinyasa flow yoga for an awakening and enlivening yoga experience, to strengthen, stretch and balance the body and the mind. Classes will wind down with deeper, stiller stretches and guided relaxation. Participants will flow and stretch their way to inner calm.

Sequences will be suitable for all those who are fit and well enough to exercise. Clear cues will be provided to guide all participants, with adaptations, modifications and progressions offered, so whether you’re a beginner, a sporadic practitioner or well-seasoned yogi, you’ll enjoy your Saturday morning yoga on the pier experience.

You can find more details for the Monday lunchtime class here:

Or for Saturday mornings with brunch;

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