“Tales From The Pier” is a collection of stories curated by the volunteers who get the opportunity to meet, greet and chat to visitors from across the globe.

One of the roles a volunteer holds during their shift with Clevedon Pier is to welcome guests throughout the gates and when appropriate, chat to visitors and answer any questions they may have. Jeff and Diane, both valued volunteers with Clevedon Pier are always keen to chat with visitors new or returning.

“Our volunteer roles on the pier gives us both immeasurable pleasure, we listen to our visitors as they reminisce about events in their lives that are connected to the pier, they are cherished memories, some from the mist of time.

We find that by asking this simple question “Have you been to the pier before” is the key to the fascinating stories we have the privilege to listen to. There are far too many to relate here in our intruduction but do indulge in this lovely example. We should add here that we are conscious of being respectful those who just may want to sit in quiet contemplation.”

Jeff and Diane often share the stories they hear, which we post regularly on social media. Here, you can read all of the stories from their conversations and learn a lot about the local community and what Clevedon Pier means to so many.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering opportunities at the Pier, please email [email protected] for details.

Visitors From The Bay of Funday 

“For over ten years have been talking to our visitors about the 2nd highest tide in the world at our Pier, the question always asked is “where is the highest” I go on to tell them about the Bay of Funday, Nova Scotia, Canada, it can reach over 16 mtrs. Today made my day!! I met a lovely couple who live on the Bay of Funday, they wanted to visit Clevedon and of course our pier, alas we could only present
them with a 9.14m tide today. The photo is of Linda and her husband at the Bay of Funday, the tide reaches the tree line… and if you look closely you can just see Linda in both photos!”
A School Reunion 
“Meet Margaret and her daughter. After greeting them to the Pier, Margaret’s daughter told us that they were looking for Mum’s hat, tossed over the pier in 1955 !! In the past, at St. Brandon’s boarding school, the girls came to the Pier and tossed their school hats over the end of the Pier, in keeping with the tradition. Today Margaret came back to re-live the experience. St Brandon’s School was an independent school incorporating an infant and junior school and a senior boarding school for girls, located in the town of Clevedon in Somerset, in South West England. The school was opened in 1831.”
Returning After Reconstruction 
“Allister had a major role in the reconstruction of the the pier in the 80’s after it’s collapse in 1970. He worked for John Howard & Co.
He talked about the major technical problems they faced, one main issue being that the divers working by touch because they couldn’t see anything under the murky water! Allister has lots of previously unseen photographs, Jeff has asked him if he would kindly call in with them some time… we’ll keep you updated on that one!”