Ever wondered about the ships in the Bristol Channel? Well, now visitors to Clevedon Pier can find out all they need to know by visiting the new Shipping Links installation in Discover @ the Pier.

This unique attraction allows visitors to watch vessels moving up and down the channel on a digital screen. Information such as a ship’s name, it’s size, the port of origin and the destination can be accessed in real time by touching any of the moving images showing on the display. Viewers can even see a close up image of the vessel when a photo is available on the system.

The exhibit works just like a number of popular smart phone apps which allow users to access shipping and flight information in real time. The beauty of the installation on Clevedon Pier is that visitors don’t need a smart phone or signal coverage to use it. The device could not be easier to use and it’s always online.

For the technically minded, AIS (Automated Information System) data is gathered through a four metre high antenna above the landing stage. The data is transmitted under the control of the International Maritime Organisation to Hamburg based Genscape Maritime. The software used at Clevedon was designed and installed by Wide Sky Design Ltd.

“We are absolutely delighted with this new attraction. Many visitors ask about the ships that they can see from the pier. Now there is a fun way of finding out”. Nicole Laken, Business Manager.