Reviving the Pier Model: A Tale of Community Collaboration

Recently, the Pier model, crafted by SKF apprentices in 2016 and installed in Discover@ Museum, located above the Gift Shop in the Toll House, as part of our interactive history displays, had deteriorated, rendering it unusable. The model had once been able to provide an audible account of the Pier’s collapse and repair but unfortunately stopped working.

The Pier model had been a popular display, attracting visitors with its historical accuracy. However, over time, it fell into disrepair, and attempts to repair it through SKF were unsuccessful, as the original apprentices had moved on.

Volunteer Brian Chislett, a member of the Mens Shed, saw an opportunity to utilise the community’s skills. With his leadership and the support of the Clevedon Mens Shed, the restoration project was a success, returning the model to the Pier earlier this month.

The Pier model’s revival is more than just a physical restoration; it preserves our town’s history and showcases the power of community collaboration. Today, it stands as a symbol of what can be achieved with a little help from our friends!

Many thanks to the Clevedon Men’s Shed team for their hard work restoring our beloved model!

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