Performance & Storytelling Workshops With Michael Loader

Sleeping with the Moon – Performance and Storytelling Workshop

Moon Reading & Storytelling Workshop

Thursday October 6th 7-9pm

Michael Loader will be back on the Pier on October 6th with a New Reading of his full moon sleep out adventure from this time last year.

The October moon was given the name of the Hunter’s Moon by many tribes of the First Nations and Michael’s new story called ‘The Hunter and the Hunted’ follows the journey of a Hunter into the darkness of night, through the world of dreams and back into the light of day – shamanic in nature.

The story will be followed by a Storytelling workshop giving participants the chance to work with others to tell and create stories guided through exercises, games and activities.

Beautiful evocative words, enjoyable and uplifting”

The workshop was skilfully held – the venue fabulous under a glass roof”

“So atmospheric and calming. I felt right there in the moment of your journey. The combination of words and music was wonderful”

Words of feedback from our September evening.

October’s evening is part of a year long monthly series of Readings and Creative Workshops on Clevedon Pier – the next being with Michael and musician Martin Solomon on November 10.

Winter Prose Season – December 8, January 5 – February 2 with Margaret Zheng’s Chinese calligraphy

Spring Poetry Season – March 2, April 6 – May 5 (a Friday) with singer/ songwriter Tom Veck

Summer Play Writing Season – June 1, July 6 – August 3 with visual artist Gail Mason

Michael has storytelling in his soul and his love of people and engaging the audience is abundantly apparent”

7-9pm. One evening £12 or £30 for a season of three booked in advance. Participants limited to 16.


Please contact Michael Loader at for all workshop content enquiries.

Drinks on sale from the bar – Views of the moon from the telescope.

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