Our Board of Directors

Our Directors are unpaid volunteers who do not claim expenses

Stephen Beggs. A chartered Civil & Structured Engineer involved with pier restoration works since 1995. Proud to be part of a team safeguarding this beautiful structure towards its 150th year.

Chris Blades. A Clevedon born entrepreneur with extensive experience of local government including a term as Chair of North Somerset Council.

Andrew Brown. A Bristolian who escaped to Clevedon in 2003 and has worked in the construction industry since leaving college. He is MD of a Civil Engineering company as well as being involved in a number of other businesses.

Phil Curme (Chair). A specialist in the leadership and management of change with extensive experience of delivering large-scale transformational programmes in the financial services sector. MA in Military History.

Anne Hughes. Teacher, musician and education manager in UK and abroad for many years and now International Development Manager for a school photography company.

Simon Talbot Ponsonby. A Chartered Civil Engineer with extensive experience in running both multi-disciplinary large-scale strategic projects, and, through his long association with the Pier, running charities.

Chris Roberts (Finance Director). A Chartered Accountant who has spent most of his career in the music industry with stints in Paris and New York, as well as the UK. Currently working for an artist and his record company based near Bath.

Steve Sparks (Vice Chair). A Professor of Geology at the University of Bristol with interests in public education and the environment with extensive Board experience including, currently, the Natural History Museum.

Tom Vaughan. A marketing and communication specialist who has worked for large FTSE 100 companies and smaller local organisations.

Mandy Vickers (Company Secretary). A qualified Management Accountant who spent 23 years working for Crest Nicholson’s commercial property arm, developing Gloucester Docks and Bristol Harbourside.