Mark Chislett – Master Hobbler (1967-2022)

Today, we were pleased to see so many family and friends at the unveiling of Mark Chislett’s plaque on the Pier. Mark worked on the Pier for 38 years and was a particularly skilled hobbler. The sea was his world, a statement that is literally true in that he was on the crew of the Matthew when it sailed from Bristol to Newfoundland.

Mark’s father, Brian, and sister , Amanda, unveiled the plaque which reads: In memory of Mark Chislett (1967-2022), a master hobbler who knew every nut and bolt on Clevedon Pier – a pier that he loved and which he worked upon for thirty-eight years.

After the ceremony Mark’s father, Brian, donated an automatic tide clock to the Pier Trust. Brian had given the clock to his son many years ago and he felt that it was only fitting to arrange for it to be sited in the place that Mark had worked for so many years.

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