Grandad And The Pier + Q&A at The Curzon Cinema

The quaint seaside town of Clevedon is gearing up for a special cinematic treat on Sunday, October 8th, at 19:30. The local film enthusiasts, history buffs, and those with a soft spot for their town’s cherished Pier are invited to attend a screening of the captivating film “Grandad And The Pier.” This heartwarming documentary promises to strike a chord with Clevedon’s residents, drawing parallels between the struggles and triumphs of the film’s characters and the town’s own history of saving its beloved Pier.

“Grandad And The Pier” takes us to a small island in the middle of the Irish Sea, where a grand but derelict pier stands defiantly against the relentless waves. Closed for decades, this once-thriving landmark now stands as a testament to bygone glory. However, the story doesn’t end there, because thanks to the tenacity and innovation of a group of spirited elderly islanders, the Pier is about to be reborn.

At the heart of this remarkable documentary is the spirit of a community that refuses to let the past fade into obscurity. The film introduces us to a group of social-media-savvy seniors who have taken it upon themselves to restore the Pier, ensuring it remains a symbol of their resilience and a legacy for generations to come. Their determination is an inspiration to anyone who believes in the power of community and the enduring human spirit.

“Grandad And The Pier” is a captivating, wind-swept tale that is sure to leave you tea-soaked with emotion. It is a story of hope and unity, reminding us that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, communities can come together to create something truly remarkable. In many ways, this documentary mirrors the heartwarming story of Clevedon’s own efforts to save its cherished pier, making it a must-see for local residents.

Following the screening of this beautiful film, attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage in a Q&A session with the director, Reuben Armstrong, and Tom Vaughan from the Clevedon Pier & Heritage Trust. This promises to be an enlightening discussion that delves into the themes of community resilience, the preservation of local heritage, and the enduring legacy of such endeavors.

“Grandad And The Pier” is a film that touches the soul, reminding us all of the importance of preserving our heritage and working together to secure a brighter future. As Clevedon continues to cherish its own pier, this screening provides a moment of reflection and celebration for a town with a similar story to tell. Join us on Sunday, October 8th, at 19:30, for an evening of inspiration, emotion, and the shared experience of “Grandad And The Pier.” Together, let us celebrate the power of community and the enduring legacy of Clevedon’s beloved pier.

Tickets for this exclusive screening are available at the Curzon Cinema box office and online. Book your seats early, as this promises to be a popular event for cinema enthusiasts and Clevedon Pier supporters alike.

Join us for a night of cinematic beauty, shared experiences, and a celebration of our shared love for Clevedon Pier and our determination to leave a legacy for generations to come!

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