Give the Gift of Preservation: Join the Clevedon Pier Supporters Club this Christmas!

Clevedon Pier, a Victorian-era marvel and a testament to architectural ingenuity, has stood proudly for generations, thanks in no small part to the unwavering support of its dedicated enthusiasts. In 1970, when the pier faced collapse, a group of passionate individuals stepped forward, determined to preserve this historic landmark. Now, as the Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust continues to uphold the legacy of this iconic structure, you too can play a vital role by joining the Clevedon Pier Supporters Club this Christmas.

Supporting a Timeless Treasure

The Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust is tasked with raising £125,000 annually for maintenance, ensuring the safety and longevity of this historical treasure. Membership in the Supporters Club is not just a token of your love for the pier; it’s a tangible contribution to its preservation. Here’s why becoming a member is the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season.

Membership Benefits: Unveiling the Perks

  1. Free Access to the Pier: As a member, you’ll enjoy unrestricted access to the pier whenever it’s open, allowing you to take leisurely strolls, capture breathtaking views, or simply soak in the rich history that surrounds you.
  2. Show Your Support: A car sticker proudly displaying your support for Clevedon Pier is included with your membership, letting everyone know that you’re part of the community committed to preserving this remarkable structure.
  3. A Piece of History: The Supporters Club Key Ring is a unique gift crafted by Pier Volunteer Tony, using recycled wood from the pier itself. It’s not just a key ring; it’s a piece of history in your pocket.
  4. Membership Card: Your membership card replaces the previous annual pass and grants you easy access to the pier whenever you visit.
  5. Dining Discounts: Enjoy a 10% discount on all food purchases at the Glass Box, Clevedon Pier’s delightful dining spot, for up to four diners.
  6. Stay in the Know: Receive a regular newsletter that keeps you informed about upcoming activities, events, and future plans for the pier. Be the first to know about exciting developments!
  7. Priority Booking: Get priority access to book tickets for special pier events, ensuring you never miss out on the pier’s vibrant activities.
  8. Exclusive Business Supporter Opportunities: If you’re a business owner, consider becoming a Business Supporter and explore unique sponsorship opportunities to align your brand with this historic icon.

The Story Behind the Supporter Club Keyring

The Supporters Club Key Ring is no ordinary trinket. Each one is lovingly handcrafted by Tony, a dedicated pier volunteer, adding a personal touch to your membership. These keyrings are made from recycled wood previously used on the pier itself, connecting you even more intimately with the history you’re helping to preserve.

The Perfect Christmas Gift

This Christmas, give the gift of preservation, history, and community by becoming a member of the Clevedon Pier Supporters Club. By joining, you not only gain access to an array of exclusive benefits but also contribute directly to the ongoing legacy of this beloved Victorian-era landmark.

The Clevedon Pier has survived and thrived through the support of passionate individuals for over a century. By joining the Supporters Club, you become part of a cherished tradition, ensuring that future generations can also appreciate this timeless treasure. So, join the club today and help keep the Clevedon Pier safe for years to come. It’s a gift that truly keeps on giving.

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