Question: What does Clevedon Pier have in common with Game of Thrones?

The Answer: DroneSurv®!

Locally based geological, geotechnical and survey consultancy (Land and Minerals Consulting Ltd trading as DroneSurv®) has been chosen to undertake annual inspections of Clevedon’s historic Grade 1 listed Pier.  Last Thursday, two qualified and licensed pilots using a pair of their small inspection drones surveyed the whole Pier in just one hour in a rapid, safe and cost-effective manner.

Adrian Wilkinson, DroneSurv’s Managing Director said …

 We were delighted to be chosen to undertake work on one of Clevedon’s most iconic buildings.  As a locally based business that already sponsors Clevedon Rugby Club’s Under 13 and Under 18 Girls teams and recognising the difficulties that many companies and charities are facing during the Coronavirus lock-down, we have decided to provide our services to Clevedon Pier & Heritage Trust free of charge.

 Phil Curme, the Pier Trust’s Chairman added …

Keeping check on the Pier’s maintenance needs has traditionally been a costly and sometimes hazardous endeavour involving abseiling down the Pier’s legs and wading across dangerous mud flats. Drones offer an opportunity to safely study the Pier in detail and to map even small deteriorations over time. DroneSurv® are leaders in their field and use truly innovative technology to get great results. I’m absolutely delighted to be welcoming this local company as sponsors.

The high-quality photographs and 4K videos taken by the drones will be passed on to the Pier’s structural engineers who will study them and identify what maintenance is required each year.  The inspection survey can only be undertaken on a ‘super-spring’ low tide when the Pier’s foundations are exposed.  Unfortunately, these super-spring tides occur rarely during the year and the lowest part of these low tides lasts only for 1 hour (30 minutes either side of low water) and so having a rapid system is paramount to the success of the survey.

Land and Minerals Consulting Ltd was one of the earliest Companies in the UK to become licensed with the Civil Aviation Authority (March 2013) and has considerable experience in undertaking inspections and surveys using a wide variety of drone mounted camera systems and LiDAR (laser scanning) equipment.  It has worked on many projects both nationally and internationally and was one of the first companies to have its 3D full colour survey used by a film Company’s special effects department in HBO’s hugely successful Game of Thrones.  It has produced detailed 3D surveys of Gibraltar for rockfall analyses, undertaken drone mounted thermal image surveys of natural gas vents in Bangladesh, undertaken exterior and interior building surveys, and undertaken many mine and quarry surveys across the UK and Europe.

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