Clevedon Pier Needs You!

Clevedon Pier, which is a registered charity, has through the generosity of a range of national and local businesses and organisations raised nearly £1.9m towards the £2.25m total cost of the New Visitor Facilities, work on which commenced in September 2014. We are now just £350k short of the total funding needed to complete the project and we need your help to achieve this.

The long term aim is to secure the future of Clevedon Pier by providing sufficient income to sustain our iconic Grade 1 listed pier in years to come. Every ten to fifteen years the Pier undergoesplanned long term maintenance and repainting which costs around £1M, which means we need to build up a surplus of about £100K a year to continue the maintenance programme.

Currently the Pier does generate surplus income every year but not enough to fully cover the long term maintenance and repairing costs, without sufficient funding the Pier’s future cannot be guaranteed. The new Visitor Centre will help to generate a more sustainable level of income, and with the help of a new members scheme we will be able to preserve the Pier for future generations.

If you take up the offer and buy shares, you will enjoy a range of member benefits that will be announced when the scheme is officially launched.

Support from the local community remains vital to complete this excitıng project and we are planning to launch a Community Shares scheme which will offer members of the public and local businesses the opportunity to buy and own a share in the organisation which runs the pier.

Important information

You can buy community Shares here.