Time and Tide


On 24 and 25 October an exciting new community opera, ‘Time and Tide’, will be performed at Clevedon Community Centre to mark the 150th anniversary of the building of Clevedon Pier. 


Time and Tide will celebrate the Pier and enrich the artistic, particularly musical, culture of Clevedon. The project will combine children and students in performance alongside adults.  Amateurs will perform with professionals. The music will reflect songs of the sea and the Victorian sea-side in a classical, yet contemporary, style. The words will include ideas from participants and convey, with the music, a sense of the winds, waves and tides. The choir will narrate the moving story of the pier, from its conception to its Victorian heyday, through its neglect, damage and near demolition in the 1970s. We will finally arrive at the pier’s rescue and restoration; a moving story of survival against the odds.


Time and Tide is to be a large-scale, intergenerational music theatre project, an innovation which will bring together the community of this small seaside town in a high quality artistic enterprise, led by an experienced artistic team. Students from Clevedon School and children in local primary schools, will perform alongside professional soloists and musicians. Local singing groups will form the core of an open access community choir of adults, who are the storytellers. If you live locally and want to join in, please visit https://www.clevedonchoralsociety.org.uk for details. Rehearsals will start 9 September.


Time and Tide is music is by Mark Lawrence with words by Claire Williamson, known for the recently performed community operas ‘Home at Last’ performed at St Mary Redcliffe and ‘The Hall on the Hill’, performed at St George’s, Brandon Hill, in Bristol. www.timeandtideclevedon.wordpress.com