The First World War saw over 200 men from Clevedon bravely risk their lives for their country –

Clevedon Pier & Heritage Trust, to mark their sacrifice and honour will be placing three silhouettes at various points on the Pier overlooking the Severn Estuary. Starting on Saturday 4 August, in the 100 days leading up to Sunday 11 November each man who lost their life, and all those who returned from war will be remembered. The ‘There But Not There’ national campaign will see thousands on perspex figures across the country.

Extensive work carried out by the History Group at Clevedon Civic Society, and information from the late Rob Campbell’s book ‘Clevedon’s Own, The Great War 1914-1918’, has made this poignant tribute possible.

Each day two of these silhouettes will be ‘named’, so every Clevedon casualty will have their day of commemoration over the 100 days. The casualties in question will be remembered through publication of a photograph and short biography on social media.

The third silhouette will be left un-named, with a message for the hundreds of individuals who served, survived and returned to the town.

‘’Clevedon Pier is a Pier of the community, by commemorating this milestone and remembering all from Clevedon who made the ultimate sacrifice is a truly special way for us all to never forget’’. Joe Novell, Events Coordinator, Clevedon Pier