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One Direction anniversary helps boost Clevedon Pier footfall

The 10th anniversary of pop group One Direction has given an unexpected boost to historic Clevedon Pier, which was unable to open to visitors during lockdown. Fans of One Direction have been flocking to the Grade 1 listed pier [...]

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The Community Share Offer – first milestone achieved but a long way to go

We have passed the critical £50,000 mark which means that we will be a membership organisation in the future. We already have about 250 investors and hope to acquire many more as we continue to work towards our £500,000 target. [...]

2015-08-31T13:35:23+01:00August 31st, 2015|Community Shares, Visitor Centre|

Day One of our Community Share Offer was such a success that we are going to do it again tomorrow! (Sat, 15th Aug)

What a fantastic start to our Community Share Offer which launched today. Our team of Volunteers, Staff and Directors have worked incredibly hard over the last few months and there was huge satisfaction in everyone witnessing such a hugely successful [...]

2015-08-14T22:56:58+01:00August 14th, 2015|Community Shares, Visitor Centre|

The prospectus for Clevedon Pier’s Community Share Offer has been published

The pier's Community Share Offer is now open and the prospectus is available. Applications can be made online through our partner Ethex here. Hard copies of the prospectus are available from the Pier or from our shop at 4, [...]

2019-08-29T12:48:46+01:00August 13th, 2015|Community Shares, Visitor Centre|

Ten Year Business Plan available now in support of Clevedon Pier’s Community Share Offer

The team at Clevedon Pier have reached another milestone by launching their much anticipated Community Share Scheme. In support of this the Director's have authorised the release of the Pier's Ten Year Business Plan. This document will provide additional details [...]

2015-08-13T17:23:12+01:00August 13th, 2015|Community Shares, Visitor Centre|

Community Share offer Launches on Friday, 14th August

Our Community Share offer launches on Friday, 14th August. To celebrate this milestone event the Pier will be free all day. Furthermore the Pier will be open in the evening with a number of surprises such as live music and [...]

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