Piermaster Mants 1872

In April 1870 a new Piermaster was appointed to be responsible for the day to day operations of the pier by the owners, the Clevedon Pier Company. William Mants would have extensive responsibilities as laid out in his contract of employment. Here are digital images and transcriptions of that contract. Apologies for the appearance of the hand in the photograph of Mant’s contract. When lockdown finishes and we can access the professionally digitised images of William Mant’s contract the hand will…..disappear!

Cover Page

The Clevedon Pier Company to

Mr. William Mants

Appointment to the Office of Piermaster, Toll Collector and Bookkeeper

Pages 1 and 2

Page 1

Be it Remembered that We the undersigned Directors of The Clevedon Pier Company Do hereby appoint William Mants of Lyme Regis in the County of Dorset to the several Offices of PierMaster, Collector of Rates and Tolls of the Clevedon Pier Company and undertake and agree in consideration of services to be rendered by him as hereinafter mentioned that they will pay unto the said William Mants the weekly Salary of 12 shillings and 6 pence.  And also will allow and permit the said William Mants to reside in and occupy (except so far as is otherwise hereinafter provided) the Toll House belonging to the said Company free of Rent Rates and Taxes and also will find and provide for the said William Mants a reasonable supply of gas and water or by mutual agreement a weekly payment in lieu of Gas and also will at any time when the traffic on the Pier shall be unusually heavy and when asked so to do by the said William Mants employ a person to assist him and his wife in collecting the Tolls.  In consideration whereof the said William Mants hereby undertakes and agrees with the said Company that he will devote the whole of his time to them and well and faithfully perform and discharge the several duties attaching to the said several Offices of PierMaster and Collector of Rates and Tolls in conformity with all and every Act and Acts of Parliament relating the conduct and management of Piers, the Clevedon Pier Orders and all Bye Laws now or hereafter to be made concerning the said Pier, And further undertakes and agrees that his said wife will assist daily in collecting the Rates and Tolls to the best of her powers and ability – And also that he will at all times obey and carry out all Rules and Orders made and ordained by the said Company concerning the said Pier and also will at all

Page 2

times keep accurate accounts of all monies received by him and his said wife and daily enter the particulars of such receipts as well as the number of persons been on the Pier in Books to be provided by the Company for this purpose.  And will on request produce such Books to them or the Secretary by their order, for examination And will when and as often as the monies received by him shall amount to the sum of Five pounds pay the same into the hands of the Bankers or Secretary of the Company for the time being. 

And will keep or cause to be kept the working room and closet adjoining in a clean and proper state and not occupy the Waiting Room for his own use except during such part of the day as shall be permitted by the Directors.  Lastly, it is hereby mutually agreed that either party may determine the said Appointment and cancel these presents by the one giving to the other three calendar months notice in writing or in lieu of such notice by the said Company paying to the said William Mants or by his forfeiting to them thirteen weeks salary And also that in the event of the said William Mants ceasing to be employed by the said Company that then immediately on his so ceasing as aforesaid it shall be lawful for the said Company to take possession of the said Toll House and the same to have again and repossess as if this Appointment had never been executed. 

Dated the ____________ day of April, One thousand eighthundred and seventy. 

William Mants

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