Openings and Re-openings

Clevedon Pier must hold a record for openings and re-openings and making a very fine celebration of each and every one. The history of the pier – in four parts – can be found on this link. Well worth a read, it covers the building of the original pier, its decline during a period of ‘decadence’ delay and collapse’, the story of the Pier being saved and coming back to life and the current lap of history – securing the Pier’s future.

Today, June 25th 2020, marks yet another in the long line of Pier reopenings when Clevedon Pier can finally open to the public once again since the 2020 Coronovirus Pandemic. The Pier has, like just about everything else around the world, been in what has become called ‘lockdown’ – the closure of public places and the self-isolation of individuals and families to try and stop the spread of Coronovirus.

A gentle easing of that lockdown has, by June 2020, begun and the Pier is re-opening with reduced hours, restricted access and careful control of how the visitor can walk on to and up and down the Pier. It is a great day and another great re-opening to add the archive of Clevedon Pier Heritage.

1869 The Original Opening of The PIer
1893 Re-opening after new Pier Head added
1998 Re-opening after rebuild and restoration

2020 Re-opening after Coronavirus Lockdown

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