Lady Elton’s Scrapbook 1

Elsewhere you can read about the work being done to catalogue and record the amazing Scrapbook of ‘all things to do with saving the Pier in the 1970s’ put together by Lady Margaret Elton. This work is being done by Volunteer Jane and you can read more about it on this link.

Jane has been sharing ‘titbits’ of special interest and here is an especially interesting one from the North Somerset Mercury from March 26th, 1971. Full transcription on the right…………..

Royal Help for the pier

When his Royal Highness Commodore the Prince Alexander Desta of Ethiopia heard that part of Clevedon’s Victions pier had collapsed, he felt it was ‘an absolute tragedy.’

The prince, a grandson of Emperor Hailie Selassie, and Commander in Chief of the Imperial Ethiopian navy, at once wrote out a cheque for £5 and sent it from Addis Ababa to the editor of the ‘Mercury’ for inclusion in any fund to save the pier.

The prince, who was educated in the West Country and is very fond of Clevedon, read about the pier in the ‘Mercury’ which is taken out to Ethiopia by Commander T H Foden of Woodrow, Edghill Road, Clevedon. He is the United Kingdome liaison officer to the Ethiopian navy.

Recalling the Prince’s words when he heard about the pier falling down Commander Foden said His Highness felt that people living a long way from Clevedon would perhaps appreciate the value of the pier as an architectural monument more than could those who lived in the town.

The ‘Mercury’ telephoned the Historic Buildings Council in London to find out if any decision had been reached about a grant for the pier’s restoration. We were told that a recommendation had gone to the Secretary of State for the Environment who will be getting in touch with Clevedon Council.

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