Clevedon Pier invites the community to take part in a special craft project designed for everyone in celebration of 150 years of Clevedon Pier. The project represents in stitches the fabric of people who have supported the Pier throughout its history and marks a bright and diverse future.

Like painting by numbers a fabric base will be filled with images created by our community, from simple to more complex stitches, applique, embellishments, wool embroidery we encourage makers to join us with their skills to create a rich landscape of pattern and colour. Makers do not need to finish what they start because we hope that where they leave off someone else will pick up the needle making the work a true collaboration. Timeframes are designed to suit everyone and the project is flexible to allow people to get involved as they can.

The next drop in sessions at the Pier during September – November (normal pier entry), everything else is provided) or you can borrow the equipment and work on the project at your venue (just promise you will take care of our equipment). All you need to do is get in touch and complete a booking form.
The exciting thing is the final piece will be displayed in a celebration exhibition and the final work will be added to our archive for future generations.

The Pier has always marked significant moments with flowers; great arches of flowers spanned the roads from the train station to the beach as people arrived for the grand opening in 1869, the Pier was filled with planted wellies to represent the people who walked the Pier and support the maintenance for future generations.
There are lots of ways to take part, by working on the big stitch base (ideal for working around with a group up to 8 people) or on the 150 gulls (for individuals).

We want to hear from people who part of an existing group who fancy’s a new challenge or an individuals who wants to try something new.
• No need to be an expert
• Groups welcome
• Individuals welcome
• At your location or at the Pier (Normal Pier Entry)
• All ages welcome (11+)
• Available at the pier or at your location for loan / return (booking form required)
• No cost but your time
• Materials provided
• Open to schools, craft groups, community groups, individuals, project groups and you if we haven’t thought of you yet

Contact Abbie Edbrooke for more information or to book :  [email protected]