“It was a dull morning and then suddenly the sun came out, (figuratively speaking)…”

Jeff and Diane are frequent volunteers at Clevedon Pier and remain popular with the Pier team and visitors alike! From dog of the day, to tales through time, both Jeff and Diane are keen to meet a friendly face and could chat for hours if you have the time! This story from their volunteer shift yesterday just goes to show how riveting conversations can be….

“It was a dull morning and then suddenly the sun came out, (figuratively speaking)…Until Diane walked along the pier with a lovely lady, her son and daughter-in-law, I was introduced to them because Diane wanted me to hear their story…”

“This is Yvonne Children. In 1939 Yvonne along with her mother were evacuated from London to Clevedon by train, they arrived at a house on Coleridge Road, Clevedon. The years passed, Yvonne at school, her mum having found work in Clevedon. In 1945 evacuees were mostly returned to their homes, except for Yvonne and her mum, their home had been completely destroyed in the London blitz, They eventually returned to London in 1947, when Yvonne was eleven years of age.

Today, Yvonne came back to Clevedon for the first time after 75 YEARS !!!! With her son and daughter in law, they found the house on Coleridge Road and of course as you can see visited our Pier.”

Yvonne went on to marry, her husband became a senior officer with P & O and she travelled the world with him.

First visit after 75 years must be a record wouldn’t you say?

If you can beat that many years, or have a story to tell from family or friends revisiting the Pier, we would love to hear from you. If you’re happy for us to share and have a photo or two, please contact [email protected]

If this story has sparked an interest in volunteering at Clevedon Pier, please do send us an email! We are always on the look out for friendly faces who can help us with all sorts of roles. Please email [email protected] for details.